Live casino
The game with live dealers in the online casino has already ceased to be something special. Any serious virtual gambling house has in its arsenal several tables with live dealers. Broadcasting is via a webcam. You make bets, and the croupier stands at the real roulette and sits at a real table with cards. Usually it’s cute girls in black dresses, or young people in white shirts. Approximately every 20 minutes a new dealer arrives at the table, changes the previous one and welcomes all players at the table. As a rule, the so-called video-casino is simply an additional option among a huge number of “electronic games”.

Online casinos with live croupiers who can offer a real live game, as a rule, are quite large, and have been working in this market for many years. It is safe to recommend the time-tested casino Europe, CasinoTropez and Eurogrand casino.

The game’s advantages with LIVE-dealers

Some just do not want to understand all the principles of fair play, which are guaranteed by the administration when using a software random number generator. There is a category of people who categorically deny the possibility of an honest game with a car, they believe only their eyes. It is to such people that it is much calmer and more pleasant to play with live dealers.

Another advantage of playing in an online casino with a live dealer is the atmosphere of presence. It is very much lacking in comparison with the usual casino. This is live communication. You can chat with the dealer, or with other players. On the video you can see how the roulette ball is running around in a circle, the cards are put on the table or the bones roll. It is these details that turn mindless gambling into a kind of ritual with its culture and charm.


Disadvantages, as a rule, of a technical nature. In order to play in the LIVE casino with a live dealer, you need a stable high-speed Internet. Streaming video in decent quality for half an hour will eat a lot of traffic. So the Internet needs not only high-speed, but unlimited.

Another minus is time. The croupier will not adjust to you personally, he does not work for one player. The betting time is always certain, the round goes as long as it takes. People who are not used to making quick decisions and turning off animation in games will have to learn patience and endurance. And time for a bet (usually around 45 seconds) someone may miss. This often refers to players who count statistics, use various analyzers, they have sophisticated systems with ornate rates. These do not always have time to meet.

The problem for players with small deposits in a casino with a live dealer – most live tables are at medium rates. So, in blackjack with a live dealer, there are rarely more than $ 5. Apparently, such a policy of rates is dictated by the fact that tables with a real dealer are much more expensive than virtual tables.


Some believe that the casino can falsify the results of their games against visitors. This is a separate category of people who not only do not believe in the casino random number generator, but also live people. As arguments, assumptions are made that the whole video sequence is just cutting the frames with the desired results. This assumption is exactly wrong.

Firstly, you can open the same table from different computers and you will immediately see that the results are the same for everyone.

Secondly, you can ask the dealer to do something in the chat (for example, wink). And even if we assume that the dealer can launch the ball into the right cell, dozens of people are sitting at the table, except for you. Playing against one does not make any sense.