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When playing in a casino, do not forget about free bonuses, which can significantly help any player. Of course, bonuses will have to be won back, but it is quite possible. Below we have compiled a list of seven popular online casinos in English, which offer their players weighty bonuses when playing for real money.

Bonuses of online casinos Europe

  1. For a down payment not exceeding $ 100, a 100% bonus is issued. Further, every month when replenishing the deposit for up to $ 100 this amount will be doubled. With such replenishments, the annual bonus for the deposit is only $ 1200!
  2. A loyalty bonus of $ 25 is awarded for each week. With a regular visit to Casino Europe for a year, this amount will be $ 1200! Total for deposits and constancy – $ 2400 per year!
  3. From 10% to 15% of the bonus for the deposit can be obtained using a certain method of payment. There are a lot of ways, and for each – a percentage, so on the official website or with the help desk, you can find out more information.
  4. Compasses – additional incentive points for your favorite games. Accumulating them, you can later exchange company for real money, in addition, advancing to VIP-levels, so you can take part in events and promotions for VIP-players.

Casino Tropez Bonuses

  1. Welcome Bonus – $ 300!
  2. Monthly bonus – $ 250!
  3. At the first deposit up to $ 100 bonus 100%.
  4. With the second deposit bonus is calculated at a rate of 50% (maximum $ 200).
  5. For an initial deposit of $ 2000 you get a bonus of $ 500!
  6. Regular players take part in the Loyalty Program and receive various generous bonuses.
  7. Bonuses for replenishment of the account through some payment systems will make 10%, and by means of the bank account or the bills – 15%. More details can be found in the support service or on the website
  8. For all owners of real accounts, weekly drawings of thousands of dollars are held.
  9. Compasses can be obtained by playing your favorite games, and with the help of the loyalty program the glasses turn into real money. The compasses also provide an opportunity to advance through VIP-levels, receive even higher bonuses and participate in promotional offers.

Bonuses Casino Titan

  1. For the first deposit 100% bonus up to $ 200.
  2. Monthly within half a year for replenishment of account 100% bonus up to $ 200.
  3. Weekly within 26 weeks from the date of the first deposit 100% bonus up to $ 100.
  4. Methods of replenishment of the account can bring a bonus from 10% to 15% (more details on the Casino Titan website or in the support service).
  5. For the first reduced friend it is possible to receive $ 50 as a gift, for subsequent – $ 25.

Bonuses Bellini Casino

  1. Monthly bonus of 100% with a maximum deposit of € 97.
  2. With a deposit of € 97 you receive a bonus of € 103.
  3. The first deposit in each month to € 97 will bring a 100% bonus.
  4. A deposit of € 3000 will increase your account by € 1000! Plus participation in the VIP program and VIP-player status.
  5. For the use of certain payment systems, the bonus is accrued up to 15%.
  6. The Comps program will give an opportunity, spending time for your favorite games, getting points, turning them into money and increasing the VIP level.
  7. The increase in the VIP level gives an opportunity to participate in new, more interesting events, as well as to receive more generous rewards.

Casino Bonus 21Nova

  1. The first installment will bring 25% of the amount, not less than $ 20, but the bonus will not exceed the limit of $ 250.
  2. The second deposit from $ 20 will bring a bonus of 60%, but not more than $ 500.
  3. The third installment of at least $ 20 gives a bonus of 320%, but does not exceed $ 320.
  4. Various payment systems, serving you when replenishing the account, also bring bonuses from 10% to 15%.
  5. For an invited friend who replenishes his account for the same minimum $ 20, you will receive $ 50.

Casino Bonus Eurogrand

  1. The first deposit from $ 20 to $ 24 brings a 100% bonus. From $ 25 to $ 299 – already 300%. From $ 300 to $ 999 – a bonus of $ 600. From $ 1000 and more – 50%, but not more than $ 1000. The most profitable deposit is $ 299.
  2. The second deposit will enjoy 60% bonus, but will not exceed $ 500.
  3. A certain type of payment gives a bonus of up to 15%.
  4. There is a bonus for the invited friend (specify in the support service or on the site of the casino).

Bonuses William Hill Casino

  1. The first deposit (minimum $ 50) brings a 150% incentive, but not exceeding $ 300.
  2. For average rates with a deposit from $ 50 to $ 500, a bonus of 60% goes, but not more than $ 350.
  3. The bonus for high stakes with a deposit of $ 1000 will bring $ 500.
  4. VIP-bonus with a deposit of $ 3000 brings $ 1100.
  5. A deposit bonus of up to $ 2500 through a certain payment system will yield 10-15%.
  6. For each friend you brought, and who made the first deposit, you get $ 50.
  7. Comps bring for each bet of $ 10 for one point. Later they can be cashed. In addition, company increase the VIP-level.