Payment methods

Every player of an online casino immediately raises the question of how to replenish your account. And then – respectively, how to withdraw the money won. Already, payment systems on the Internet have stepped far ahead, and there is practically no need to worry about the technical side of the issue. There are many methods of input-output of money, and each player will be able to choose the most tasty option for himself. Below we will list the most popular payment systems.

1. Neteller

In the first place we put the most developed at the moment payment system – Neteller . It was founded in 1997, and for this quite a long time of work it registered more than 16 million participants! This fact is easy to understand, since Neteller has practically no alternatives in the post-Soviet space and offers excellent service. It’s easy to use, and one of the best information security systems, and instantaneous transactions, etc. In general, those who still do not have a purse in this system, we strongly recommend that you get it, because with the help of Neteller it is possible to make almost all the necessary payments on the Internet. To replenish the wallet is simple enough: with the help of bank transfer, special wm-cards, with a plastic card, etc. Well, those who have an electronic purse Neteller , we advise you to use it when replenishing the account in the casino. The payment will be instant, and you can immediately devote yourself to the game. You can also withdraw your money on Neteller . The commission is minimal, but in order to withdraw money from Neteller into cash, you need to do one of the following:

  • use the money transfer system CONTACT;
  • find a specialized Neteller point in your city
  • transfer money to your bank card

Commission for withdrawing money from the casino on Neteller will be about 2-3 to …%.

2. MoneyBookers (Skrill)

International payment system, spread in many countries of the world. It was founded in London in 2001 and now has more than 20 million members. In 2011, the company conducted a rebranding, and now it can be recognized under the name Skrill. This system is responsive to the safety of its customers, so before using it you will have to go through a tedious identity check. Skrill cooperates with all the most popular gambling establishments, so there are almost no problems with the introduction / withdrawal of money.

3. Plastic cards

This method of payment for services is more popular in the West than in the CIS, but we also have it spreading by leaps and bounds. It is quite fast, convenient, but there are a number of nuances. To begin with, you will have to register your card in the casino, while entering some personal information. Many people are afraid to do this, for fear of getting hit by scammers. But in large offices the level of security is such that the theft of money and data is virtually eliminated.

4. Bank transfer

This method is gradually coming out of circulation in the online casino. In comparison with past methods, he has solid flaws. To make a bank transfer, you need to fill out certain documents. Plus, not all banks cooperate with gambling establishments. Money on the account also does not come immediately, but after a few days. The commission is much larger than with other methods. Well, the main thing is to get up from the computer and go to the bank.

In the end, I want to wish success in the game and advise you to choose an input-output method based on security, availability for your region and convenience personally for you.

5. Providers

The most popular and common software for slot machines in online casinos is not accidentally considered software from the company Microgaming. The company started working on filling slot machines back in 1994, when many of our compatriots did not even hear anything about the existence of online gambling houses.

The company quickly and successfully developed. The first office they had was in Durban (the territory of South Africa), a few years later they were already in London. At the moment the office is located on Isle of Man. The software maker is pleased with the players, providing an opportunity to brighten up leisure on more than three hundred slot machines of its production. In the staff of the company, more than 100 people work hard to increase the quality and quantity of gaming machines. More than two hundred online casinos and poker rooms across the planet are based on Microgaming platforms.

The history of the company was not always smooth and successful. After giving the players the first versions of the game – they were heavily criticized. But the company quickly orientated, took into account the wishes of visitors to online casinos, and quickly got out of this unpleasant situation, releasing Viper-software, thanks to which everything quickly settled.

The company also thought about the security problem. When buying their software, the buyer is always given two versions: one of them is not downloadable Flash version (No download Flash Casino), and the second can be downloaded (Download CasinoVersion). Thanks to this decision, any hacker who wants to gamble from Microgaming software will have to circumvent two security systems simultaneously. In addition to this innovation, the company was the first to create a game automatic line, with a single network jack-sweat.

Net Entertainment is not only the highest quality software, but also one of the largest poker networks in the world. Absolutely all slot machines developed by this company are thought through to the smallest detail, taking into account all the needs of users. Players love this company’s applications for reliability, great graphics, as well as ease and ease of use. Even a beginner in the field of gambling can easily deal with any simulator in just a few minutes. The most important thing is that this manufacturer never stands in one place. He constantly strives to improve his software, achieving only the highest results. Due to these qualities, the company gained such incredible popularity among consumers.

NetNet company allows you to run online slot machines not only for real money, but also in free mode. In this case, newcomers of the gambling world will be able to properly understand specific applications, so that later no difficulties arise in the money games.

Games from this manufacturer – it’s always intriguing, original, exciting and high-quality. Each individual device implies the presence of various chips: special symbols, bonus games, a large range of bets, large sizes of jackpots. All simulators are easily recognized from the set of similar games, forcing players to plunge into the incredible world of gambling. To date, games from this manufacturer have one of the best animations. What are their fantastic 3D simulators with amazing effects?

One can not but note the themes of the apparatus. Many of them were created on the basis of cult films, cartoons and computer games. Each of these slots is able to transfer the user to an incredible world of adventure, where for the courage it is possible to become the owner of pleasant prizes. Start the drums rather and enjoy the great events. Believe me, you will not be disappointed at all.